find your final form from a billion years in the future?

find your final form from a billion years in the future?

this dude always has some cool shit to share but this one is wild.

I never stay awake long enough to actually try these meditations BUT the concepts behind them and the destinations they shoot for are astounding to me to even think about.
This particular one seeks to locate and merge with our final forms.
The one who is actually you. The One who has lived every lifetime and experienced every outcome possible. It says they may be as much as one billion years into the future. Most of y’all aint ready for this but this aint for most of you guys anyways.

READ THIS and then you’ll know if you wanna mess with this one.

Questioner: I think I have an erroneous concept of the mind/body/spirit complex that, for instance, I represent here in this density and my Higher Self. This probably comes from my concept of space and time. I am going to try to unscramble this. The way I see it right now is that I am existing in two different locations, here and in mid-sixth-density, simultaneously. Is this correct? Ra: I am Ra. You are existing at all levels simultaneously. It is specifically correct that your Higher Self is you in mid-sixth-density and, in your way of measuring what you know of as time, your Higher Self is your self in your future.”

Let me know what you think and if you try it.
There’s a bunch of good stuff in the beginning so even if you’re the kind of person who falls alseep easy, you’ll get value out of it and think about it for days after either way.

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