I went to Chicago and met a much older woman with really short arms

I’m late I’m late I’m late



it’s such a crazy story how I ended up here

so before I even left the island, Ashanti and I had a conversation about the Indo Expo being in Chicago in September of 2020. After confirming that they did indeed have a the world’s most complete T-Rex on display at the Field Museum it was agreed we would meet up in the fall and check out one of my favorite mysteries- who killed the dinosaurs?

that was well before a global pandemic canceled everybody’s best intentions.

then one day someone said

“we should go to Washinton DC”

So we did.

we ended up on a crazy cross country mission which took us not only to DC but to NYC and Philadelphia! oh what a trippy trip it was. anyways after we left Ashanti in Philly, the Ninjaneer pointed us towards the setting 🌞 sun.

then one morning I woke up in the front seat and Ryan asked


here’s the crazy plot twist though

the museum closed at 5pm but the last admissions are at 4pm according to the google maps we were scheduled to arrive at 3:40 – if nothing went wrong between us and Chicago.

that seems like a long way unless Ryan is driving and I’m staring at my phone
I’m not a museum aficionado but it seems like if someone has been waiting 65 million years to meet you then you should put on a clean shirt.
3:45pm hellooo and goodbye Titanosaurus
I’m here to see Sue!

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