my first Chicago dog

my first Chicago dog

why have they been giving me relish and not pickle spears?

see those spears?

We went to the fabulous Field Museum in Chicago to see Sue the T-Rex

my whole life I’ve always aimed for 3 toppings on my dogs- relish, cheese, and tomatoes– in that order.
so when I go to a hotdog stand on the west coast a “chicago dog” is a natural choice.
some relish and some little chopped tomatoes.
much to my relish-loving delight, i discovered I have been sold an inferior product all these years!

this had actual pickles!


I don’t know what exactly those chopped and pickled things are.
some kind of onions and some kind of green stuff.
I didn’t want to look like a tourist so I didn’t ask.
I was hoping someone reading this could tell me what they we’re.

I’ll probably never have a reason to go back to Chicago but I’ll also never have a reason to let some fool call it a Chicago Dog if there aren’t any pickle spears!

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